Julia Theunissen


Julia Theunissen was born on Sunday the 21st of September 1980 in Windhoek, Namibia, on a day which her mother (Marietta) has research and earmarked as a very lucky day.

Julia is eldest of two sisters and is also the first grandchild of both families, occupying a special place with her grandparents. From a very young age Marietta could sense that Julia could feel spiritual things that only she and a precious few others were privy too, but Julia was not ready to accept her blessing and she feared to be left alone or in the dark without her parents comforting presences nearby.

As Julia’s parents were teachers in trade, both she and her sister Anita were designated to be educated at German schools and are both fluent in English, Afrikaans and German and Julia was raised as a Christian under the NG church where her grandfather was a priest to the congregation. In 1988 the Theunissen family elected to move down to Johannesburg and 1 year later Julia’s parents decided to get divorced. A lot of moves began to ensue for Julia and because of that Julia had to experience 5 different primary schools through those formative years.

In 1996 at the tender age of 16 Julia started a career in the hospitality industry which she would manage for 10 years as well as that she became interested in meditation and metaphysics and did a range of intensive courses with some of the leading instructors from around the country.

After matriculating in 1999 Julia decided to go to London on a 2 year working visa and traveled Europe before returning to South Africa. On her return to the country in 2002 Julia began to experiment with narcotics and she began a slow decent into the Johannesburg drug and party scene which took control of her life for 2 years. Then in 2004 Julia began to turn her life around and emerged from the drug scene through rehabilitation and  proceeded to take a drug and alcohol counseling course to which she became a qualified counselor.

The inevitable finally fell into place as in 2007 Julia started working for her mother which entailed handling her bookings and events and during that time Julia did a metaphysical course in intuitive field and coaching. Emboldened with her knowledge and gifts she began doing her own e-mail readings in 2009, and then was pushed into personal bookings as the demand became too great. Julia Theunissen was now ready to embrace her gifts and use it to her full potential and makes use of her feelings as her strongest guide while doing her readings. In 2010 she started studying Hypnotherapy and is now a fully qualified hypnotherapist, coach and substance counselor.