Intuitive Guidance and Therapy

Life Mission & Direction

Sometimes we all feel like we dont know ourselves, life changes and uncomfortble situations can often lead to feeling lost. Let me help you reconnect to your life mission and help you with direction.Ā 

Relationship Guidance & Coaching

Whether you are single, married or in a complicated situation, relationships often test us in so many ways its hard to even know where to start. Usually we need to focus on what is best for us to then regain balance in our relationships.

Life Coaching

My five week Life Coaching course will help you find your true value system, how to let go of stuck beliefs and also what boundaries you need to live a healthier life. Deal with anger and just become a more balanced individual who knows themselves a little bit better šŸ™‚

Career Advice & Guidance

Let me help you find your career purpose, your best suited path forward or just give some insight on what to expect, whom to trust or not and when to wait or jump.


Telephone/Video Sessions

30 or 45 minute telephone/video sessions are always very convenient as it does not matter where you situated we can connect.


Personal/Video Sessions

1 Hour face to faceĀ  sessions at my home in Pretoria East OR 1 Hour Skype sessions for personal contact without the travel hassel.Ā 


Whatsapp Sessions Voice/Video

No time to talk over the phone or come see me? Pay per question system. I respond via Voice Recording or Video Recording

R200 – R350

Please note as from 1 March 2021 I will be moving away from Mediumship work ie. Giving messages from passed on loved ones, as I solely want to work on coaching people in the here and now, and helping and working towards change.

EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique

If you need to release anxiety, stress, procrastination, stuck emotions or suffer from repeated patterns which no longer serve you, EFT can aid in releasing those stuck energies by tapping certain pressure points on the body. Currently I am sending pre-recorded personalized videos focusing on your issue.


About Me

Julia Theunissen, daughter of famous South African psychic Marietta Theunissen, has been exposed to the spiritual field from a very early age. Free to explore her own spiritual beliefs and talents with the guidance of her mother, Julia was always very active in her Mothers business when it came to her bookings and events. In 2009 Julia began consulting her own clients full time. In 2010 she started expanding her portfolio by studying Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP. She is now a fully qualified hypnotherapist, coach and substance counselor.

After 10 years in the metaphysical field Julia longed for something more, and felt that coaching, training and counselling in a broader spectrum was needed, she embarked on making educational videos, teaching and training people in the masses through her love for media and marketing, Julia now regularly releases free training videos and teachings in order to expand her reach and give free knowledge to so many.

A creative by nature Julia currently runs two businesses, her coaching and counselling business whereby she helps people on a daily basis and her media business whereby she makes content, videos, writes numerous blogs and creates online education for many. This is the ultimate goal to be anywhere in the world but yet be able to help and make a difference.


“Julia Theunissen gives amazingĀ  guidance with empathy….. Her readings and optimistic approach always leaves me feeling like there’s light at the end of the tunnel… no matter what the challenge is I’m facing! Julia has helped me at many crossroads in my lifeĀ  Often just giving me that push I need in the right direction… Insightful Brilliance!”

Elsje Grove

“After one session with Julia, I have realised she is the REAL DEAL and have been returning to her for adviseĀ  and readings for over 11 years. As a sceptical person, she has proved me wrong and I am now a firm believer in what she does and have never been disapointed. Possitive or less possitive readings…always right without fail.”

Yolandi Brindeau

“I met Julia about 5 years ago when I had my firstĀ  personal reading at her home, since then we have stayed in contact, I have always been very comfortable talking to her about anything. Julia has been spot on with timing in all my readings, I enjoy giving her feed back. I trust her and appreciate it that I can contact her anytime when I need advice and clarity on something. She is a great and open hearted friend to me now.”

Martie Botha

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