What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that creates feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness. This can have a serious effect on our bodies physically as well as our emotional wellbeing.

Depression can make everyday life and tasks seem impossible, it can affect the way you think, how you deal with work and stress, even how you behave and see yourself. Small tasks like brushing your teeth or getting out of bed may seem like a huge task and can be overwhelming. Energy levels may feel low and because depression is a heavy feeling it will cause heaviness.

Seeking guidance, help and support is vital if depression starts to seriously effects your daily life. Withdrawing from friends and family, not enjoying the activities you used to enjoy. Feeling over emotional and crying a lot. Not recognizing yourself, and just going through the motions are all signs you need support on a physical and emotional level.

Other symptoms of depression are:

Anger or irritability


Appetite changes

Crying more than usual


Feeling restless

Feeling sad or empty

Feeling worthless and /or isolated

Loss of interest in hobbies

Loss of energy

Memory problems

Physical ailments

Sleeping too much or too little

Weight changes

What can be done?

There are various ways you can combat depression, firstly if there is mental illness in your family it is best to speak to a physician to determine whether there may be a chemical imbalance present.

Usually, depression is suffered after a trauma such as death or divorce, changes in our relationships or work, or we just feel stuck emotionally.

One sure way to combat the feelings of depression is by implementing a change in routine, exercise and taking control where you have control. A good example is becoming active again with creativity. Dancing or jumping around for 5 minutes every morning, as movement is associated with high frequency energies and sadness is a low frequency energy. Or just trying to get into nature and grounding yourself.

Grounding is when you take your shoes of and stand barefoot on grass.

People who over compromise themselves for love or acceptance often feel depressed too. Be careful you do not lose yourself trying to help, impress or aid others without also looking after yourself!

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