Marietta Theunissen and I are very excited for the content of our LAST SHOW for the year on 24 November… what you can expect:

-predictions of what 2017 will hold for us globally
-months to look out for and the lucky times we can expect
-motivational information on how to communicate better
-relationships do’s and don’ts
-how to start using your intuition and trusting it
-how to let go of the past and live free and whole
-how people on the other side send us signs that they are happy
-how to work through the grieving process

All this and probably much more. Marietta and I are almost fully booked for the year. So this show will give everyone the chance to meet with us and like minded people. Learn and break through certain patterns that might be holding you back .

For ticket sales and bookings please call the pierneefteater directly today on 012 329 0709 /


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