SELF Advanced – Coaching Plan


Why would the SELF Advanced Coaching plan be suitable for you?

This course is the next level for SELF, this is the follow on course, exploring yourself and your relationships a bit deeper. Learn to take goal setting to the next level, become aware of your actions and how to communicate your intentions better. Stop sabotaging yourself and your relationships and start changing patterns for good.

Chapters in the SELF Coaching Plan:

Week 1:

Identify your Obstacles – Wheel of life

Nail your Goals – Sizing and Resources

Week 2:

Boost your Strengths

Identifying your energy Zappers!

Week 3:

Detox your Relationships

Week 4:

The Drama triangle – Respecting yourself more and communicating better in relationships. Happier, healthier living.



Coaching/Achievements Facilitation with me Julia is a 4 week process. We will be in contact once a week for 45-60 minutes telephonically, where we will work through various work sheets I created. These work sheets will be our guide, but generally I work in a very personalized fashion and every session and client takes a different route. By the end of the four weeks you will know more about yourself, your relationships and what makes you react and act the way you do within certain environments.


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