SELF – Coaching Plan


Why would the SELF Coaching plan be suitable for you?

This course is for anyone who needs direction for SELF, their life mission and their core values. Start reframing past events and thought patterns as well as change how to react in certain situations. Manage and control of physical stresses like anxiety. Learn why things like anxiety arise and what it means. Build better relationships at work and home and gain understanding why people do what they do. The main take away from this course is self-knowledge and definite direction. The key factors are simple and easy to understand but takes commitment to implement. If you want change no matter how big or small this course is for you.

Chapters in the SELF Coaching Plan:

Week 1:

Let’s uncover your Values

Complete your – Life satisfaction list

Week 2:

Boundaries & Tolerations – Clear your mind

Week 3:

Beliefs & Cognitive Distortions

Week 4:

Action brainstorming

Understanding the WHY of your Goals

Effects and warning signs of stress



Coaching/Achievements Facilitation with me Julia is a 4 week process. We will be in contact once a week for 45-60 minutes telephonically, where we will work through various work sheets I created. These work sheets will be our guide, but generally I work in a very personalized fashion and every session and client takes a different route. By the end of the four weeks you will know more about yourself, your values and what makes you react and act the way you do within relationships and certain environments.


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