This year has certainly started with a BANG 🙂

I feel at the moment it is very important for all of us to stay grounded, stay positive and take life one day at a time… life has sped up increasingly and we are faced with challenges that help us grow, but that are sometimes also very painful. I feel we need to remember we are all in this together, to support each other, to stand by each other and to try and understand that everyone sees, experiences and feels life in a different way. Staying humble, focused and loving is key to handling difficult situations and staying true to oneself.

Communication is still the only way to try and express how we feel and what we need… be kind to yourself first, listen to the body and heart and then express this desire to your closest people… listening and expressing with an open heart can only move one forward to better solving challenging experiences.

Thank you to everyone who has written to me over the last while, i appreciate and acknowledge each and every one of you, your messages come from far and wide, and i read every single one. The unwavering support i have received has left me humbled and pushes me daily to achieve more and better myself so i can be an open channel to support, heal and lovingly guide others to better themselves.

Walking in the light together can make a change no matter how hard it may seem.


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